Enjoy The Beauty of a Vintage Petticoat Paired with A Swing Dress On Your Next Night Out

Many of the dress styles that became popular in the 1950s are still very popular today, and perhaps there is no great surprise in this. Many of the vintage style dresses of this period look great on the dance floor, especially the combination of a swing dress and petticoat when they are combined in vibrant colours. The swing dress first became popular in the dance halls of the 1940s when women and men started dancing the Lindy Hop together, as it was a great style for showing off some leg and allowing the ladies to move freely on the dance floor.

 The style of the swing dress is designed to be snugly fitted to the waist, and then flare out down to the knee. This design means that is will swing out when ladies are dancing, giving a lovely effect that is quite beautiful to look at. As they look so good on ladies who are dancing, they are still a popular style today – and Little Wings Factory is pleased to be able to offer such a huge range of them in a variety of colours and patterns. One can easily select the perfect swing dress for you online, and order it to be delivered directly to your doorstep.

 One way to enhance the look of your swing dress is to add a vintage petticoat to really enhance your figure. Vintage style petticoats are still in high demand today, and they come in a wide variety of colours such as black, champagne, plum, red, raspberry pink, white, etc. Petticoats are typically made of net, and if chosen in a bright contrasting colour to the dress they are worn with, they can add a real note of sophistication to a party dress and showcase the wearers unique sense of style.

 Vintage style dresses UK, such as the swing dress or petticoat, can’t usually be found in high street stores as they tend to cater mainly for conventional clothing fashions. So, an online store that specialises in such items, such as Little Wings Factory, is your best bet to find such items online and place an order to be delivered direct to your door.


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