Why Should You Choose A Vintage Audrey Hepburn Or Ophelia Dress for a Party?

Fashion has always evolved by taking inspiration from history. Fashion designers have always looked to past eras when plotting to invent new designs. Owing to this fact, vintage dresses are always able to gain significance over the current fashion when a buyer ventures out to make a wedding or party dress choice. Fifties dresses are the ones that come to mind first when preparing for a wedding or a prom party. There may be several reasons for this but, in general, the vintage dresses beats all the others available in the Department of elegance and the aura they exude when worn.

An audience will find a huge difference when you go wearing an Ophelia dress to a party and the dress will get the immediate attention that dresses are meant to do when displayed. You can really make a style statement and a unique one at that, over the contemporary fashion by choosing the vintage Audrey Hepburn style dresses or an Ophelia gown.  A classic dress choice will be your triumph card over others when you are attending a party because you will look different and more elegant from the current fashion.

A party or wedding is the opportunity that every girl looks forward to show off her fashion wardrobe, and the vintage evening dresses could be the ones that would set you apart from the crowd. The current trend is always chosen by the crowd but vintage dresses are only picked by those who want to be seen as individuals. You can be that individual and set your best foot forward donning a fifties dress and beating the competition hands down with sheer elegance.

A floral tea dress is another choice for wearing at informal parties. Earlier this dress was relegated to afternoon wear only but in time it found its way to the evening parties that tend to be informal nowadays. All varieties of these dresses can be bought from online stores and they are quite cheap too.   The dresses being vintage style and not vintage, are not as expensive as you would expect from an original dress from the 50s.  Another advantage with vintage style dresses is their floral designs that are opposite to the modern ball gowns, meaning there is a riot of choice for you when you decide to select one.

Sporting an Ophelia or Audrey Hepburn look could make all the difference at a prom party. The vintage charm is certain to work in a crowd obsessed with contemporary jeans and leggings. Choose a fifties dress for your next party and see what reaction it gets from the audience.



Tweak and Take a Break from the Monotony: Go Vintage

The age of experimentation is back and everyone wants to bring something new to the party and surprise everyone with their out of the box thinking and all around coolness. It can be arranging a party, event or even just getting a few friends together even having a formal gathering –  every host now prefers to have a theme to further enhance the fun and cool quotient of the party and make it more memorable by putting together ensembles and games that go with the theme. The trend of throwing theme parties which initially was limited to celebrating of festivals such as having a monster party on Halloween or having a sweet Christmas themed one a few days before or after Christmas Day seems to have grown in popularity, with people throwing themed parties at all times of the year.

As we have seen, the occasion can be anything each as varied as the other, but the vision behind it or the motive behind putting together a theme party is simple and it all comes down to providing a difference from the mundane activities one has to partake off in daily life. One wishes to dispense with the drudgery of life and give the monotony a tweak by shaking things up once in a while. This tweaking in your daily life can be achieved by giving your boring outfit a bit of feminine and sophistication combined which can be achieved by shopping at the vintage style dresses UK store online that goes by the name of Little Wings Factory.

You can get the perfect party look inspired by the ultra-feminine styles of the roaring fifties when they wore petticoat under their skirts as a fashion to add to the existing dress shape.  To give it a modern update it is used simply to add style by having the petticoat in another colour than the dress.

Another fashion update has been on the wedding front where brides are going back and getting inspiration from the classic styles and designs and also wanting their bridesmaids to be in perfect synch with the theme. This is so that they have the most memorable wedding that is the most talked about occasion for many weeks to come, months even. At Little Wings Factory you can order vintage style bridesmaid dresses, an idea that is bound to make your wedding not only different from all the others’ but also give you special memories captured in photographs – for stylish dresses such as these are bound to leave every bridesmaid elated and mean they perform their duties better.

Bring Back the Flair and Relive an Era

The confidence gained in wearing a dress that is well made, and the flair that comes with being seen in a style that is in vogue, gives you a definite edge over others and also helps you gain credit amongst your peers. But how do you know whether this style is in fashion or not, and whether or not it will suit your body shape? These questions might seem trivial but they are imperative to your daily routine as they help you develop confidence – and who can forget that the first impression is the most important one. It is, therefore, important that you dress for the occasion and make sure that you have understood well the art of dressing if you want to make a lasting impression.

A party, a casual or chic formal gathering of friends or work colleagues, a dinner out – all of these occasions demand a particular attention to detail when it comes to the decision of what to wear to that event. Little Wings Factory online store means you now have at your disposal the best site you can come across to get stylish fifties dresses, dresses that will never go out of fashion and will always make you look stylish, fresh, peppy and attractive at all times.

Be it swing dress, or a gown with a petticoat giving it the much required flounce – perfect if you are off to a dance party, it is also a way of adding definition to your personality and giving a boost to the overall look as well. One cannot underestimate the value of a dress and the role it plays in projecting part of your personality, without your having to say a word.  The charm is inherent in how you dress up and we here at Little Wings Factory understand the many issues a woman has to face when getting ready for an event.

The fear of wearing the wrong size, the wrong colour or the wrong design which fails to flatter your gorgeous body type, whatever it may be Little Wings Factory are here to help you build a wardrobe that is sophisticated, playful and at the same time can lend you the charm to knock your crushes down on their feet. The oomph that oozed out of one’s personality in the 50s when they dressed in those chic and adorable halter neck swing dress or made head turns with the sweetheart neckline and knee length dress, can now be relived with Little Wings Factory gorgeous collection of vintage style dresses UK.

The Importance and Significance of the Floral Tea Dress

In the United Kingdom and United States of America and many other Western countries, the tea dress is quite popular. People like this dress as it reminds them of a time when people had a tea time, especially the occasion of afternoon tea. The cultural properties of Britain are very rich and so the British have developed different customs related with each meal time.

Accordingly, some dress codes have also been developed. Now in the time of afternoon tea, some dress styles were being used in these countries for a long time. Simple changes have been seen in the designs and materials of these dresses over the years but nothing has been drastically changed.

Some simple changes that have been made to the tea dress style are the collar, the waistband and the length of the floral tea dress has changed.

The length of a typical tea dress has now been increased to the knee. About two decades ago, the length of this dress was above the knee and so the wearer was forced to expose their legs. But dress designers have recently changed this idea and, therefore, increased the length. Now this dress is available in two different styles too. One style is available with a collar and the other style has a passing resemblance to a swing dress.

The printing and designing of the dress are based on flowers a lot of the time, and thus is has earned the name the floral tea dress. The material of this dress is usually either pure cotton or it can be chiffon for the evening. The mixed materials this dress style can be made in tends to attract a number of persons.

Online shopping of this dress at Little Wings Factory’s website is quite beneficial as you are given a lot of options to search and compare with other products of similar nature. After a deep search regarding colour, size and designs, you can add your chosen dress to your shopping cart quite easily. Simply fill out the payment form and place your order. No shipping is applicable within England, but if the order is generated from outside of the U.K., additional shipping will be applied according to the weight of the consignment.

The Best Ever Petticoats Are Available Online Now at the Best Price

For a very long time women have been using petticoats as an important inner wear garment. A petticoat is used in different countries in various different shapes and ways. In the United Kingdom, the use of this garment is primarily with long skirts, and so the design and shape of the petticoat is according to that. In some countries where the fashions are different, the shape of the petticoat is also quite different. The stitching pattern, size and weight of the finished petticoat are different than that which is being used in the United Kingdom.

Online purchasing of the petticoats is now quite easy, and so you can now say goodbye to the old fashioned petticoat. The waist area of these petticoats is generally elasticated for a better fit and the rest of the petticoat is quite wide and made from mesh. These petticoats are not suitable to wear with really short skirts; they are for wearing with knee length dresses or longer to give them a feminine shape. If you are wearing a 50s style dress or vintage style summer dresses, then you can use this petticoat. Various designs, colours and sizes are available at Little Wings Factory, and so you should place your order accordingly. As far as shipping is concerned, it is free within the UK.

Sometimes a company may offer to place orders in bulk as a way of exempting you from shipping charges. However, Little Wings Factory have all the items in stock and so can send them out directly to you without the need to claim any extra shipping charges. Little Wings Factory have many vintage style petticoats is available and it is up to you which style and colour you select. The rates of each style of petticoat are obviously different – a plain vintage style petticoat will be cheaper than a fancier multi-coloured one.

A petticoat is really the finishing touch to any vintage style outfit. It can be used to add some width and body to the circular skirts commonly found in 50s style dresses, and can really transform the look of a dress. You can wear one dress without a petticoat, with a petticoat in a matching colour, and with a petticoat in a contrasting colour – and you have three different outfits from one dress. A petticoat is definitely a wise addition to any vintage style wardrobe.

Have Fun And Feel at Ease with Swing Dresses

A swing dress is considered one of the easiest dresses to wear in the summer. The perfect swing dress length is usually in the middle of a short and long frock – somewhere around knee length or just below is best. Normally the swing dress is made of pure cotton to suit the conditions of summer, and it can sometimes be no sleeves either. This dress is fitted closely to the chest and the waist, and then flares out into a very feminine, flirty skirt.

In some of the swing dresses, on the bottom, contrasting lace is added to increase the length. The dress designers use good quality straps on the shoulders, which are skin friendly and so will not cause rashes. Normally on swing dresses, a pale base colour is used, and then some big and natural flowers are printed on top of this. The base colour of these dresses create a good contrast with the printed pattern and provide a stylish look. Sometimes, swing dresses can have a halter neck style too, and a belt to accentuate your middle.

Online shopping for a Swing Dress at Little Wings Factory provides you with a better selection option than the high street and you can choose any number of dresses according to your taste. In many swing dresses, big flower prints are used in order to make them more modern, sexy and cool. These dresses can also be termed as floral dresses.

Competition has made the way tough in the fields of vintage style dresses and various other glamourous designs are coming onto the market. The rates that these dresses are becoming available at are according to the demand. The beauty of Little Wings Factory is that you can place orders and get free shipping within the UK. If you need the items in bulk, then shipping and some additional deductions are also available.

Are you looking for the finest swing dress online?

This article provides information about Little Wings Factory, an online company who offer the best quality vintage style swing dresses. Hence, you can also buy these from them.

If you are a fashion conscious individual, you will most certainly know about vintage dresses. These are fabulous in design, cut and pattern and are unique in the marketplace today. In fact, the swing dress is right on trend now, and many fashion conscious ladies are passionate about this classy vintage style design. It helps to reveal the wearers perfect taste of dressing sense. Everyone would surely like to possess one of these vintage and classic dresses in their wardrobe.

Designs & patterns:

The swing dress is usually made of patterned fabrics such as; floral, graphic prints, stripes or block colors etc. The swing shape tends to be tightly fitted at the top, and then flares out into a wide skirt – they generally have a belt too. These gowns are simple, but elegant, and the cut of the dress makes it very attractive to wear. Swing dresses can also be embroidered and decorated with jewels, beads, sequins and other ornaments. Most designers suggest wearing high-quality jewelry to dress up these dresses for the evening.

Creating an appealing impression:

The look of these classy vintage style dresses Uk is definitely impressive and appealing. Wearing a swing dress will express to everyone your unique sense of style. These dresses are typically made for dancing, and are based on vintage dresses that helped the women of the 50’s to showcase their dancing skills. The marvelous texture, patterns and design used in them make them look even more impressive. Wearing a swing dress will definitely make you feel special and create a great impression on the gathering.

Visiting a nearest vintage shop:

A passion for shopping for the most stylish clothing available will probably attract you to visit some nearby vintage stores. This will help you to increase your collection of good vintage gowns. The outstanding designs and texture of the material used will make you fall in love. However, many people find that true vintage dresses are hard to buy as the sizing is so small. That is where vintage style clothing companies come in. Companies like Little Wings offer the vintage look but at a more accessible price and size range.

Show stopper image in a vintage style

You can wear a swing dress at any type of occasion. It was not only a popular style with women in the 50’s, but nowadays ladies are also fond of such marvelous and classic designs. It helps you to become the show stopper at any occasion.